Demand for variable loans has fallen?

According to the expert, the above values ​​are due to the explosion of popular qualifying consumer loans. Most demand has been for 3-5 year mortgages. However, the optimum would be for a similar increase in the rate of 5-10 years and over 10 years!

When we look at the sum, we experience the following!

When we look at the sum, we experience the following!

Mortgage borrowing remains unchanged, according to the central bank’s regular announcement, a 42% increase over last year, nearly 53 billion more than in 2017.

Based on the interest period, we can see what kind of loan was best selling among the population! Depends on the change in the interest period, the frequency of the interest change!

The rate at which loans with different interest rates were drawn.

2016 February 2018

1 year 41% 28%

1-5 years 31% 44%

5-10 years old 19% 23%

Over 10 years 9% 5%

Two years ago, floating rate loans were a priority, but as of February 2018, 28% of new retail loans were floating rate and 72% were over one year, so they took the palm away!

Which recording do you like best


• Mortgage loans with maturity over one year up to 5 years increased to 45% from 31% two years earlier.
• The 5 to 10 year fixation has also become more prominent, as it has increased from 19% to 23% of loans now placed.
• On the other hand, interest on loans over 10 years is declining, from 9% to 5%.

This would be the safest protection for borrowers against interest rate risk


If your interest rate is fixed for 5 or 10 years, then any change cannot affect our credit!

The biggest financial decisions of our lives are borrowing, the largest of which is borrowing for home, which has an impact on our family’s budget for decades, so no matter what option we choose.

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