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A consolidation loan is a way to combine several different monthly commitments into one. Make an appointment online with Good Finance during which you will find out your creditworthiness and choose the best loan offer for you.

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What are the benefits of a consolidation loan?

• one monthly installment instead of several 
• a lower amount to pay monthly liabilities 
• better credit standing 
• repayment spread over a longer period

The very possibility of converting several installments into one may sound tempting. And if you add that the monthly amount of this one installment may be lower than the sum of several existing installments, it is not difficult to be tempted to use a consolidation loan.

Reducing the number of monthly payments if we do not use standing orders can certainly be a great help. But lowering the installment will require an extension of the repayment period, at least for some of the liabilities subject to consolidation.

This is where the possibility of reducing the new installment mainly comes from, and not from a significantly lower interest rate. Although it should be honestly added that some banks are willing to offer an interest rate of 1-2 percentage points. lower.

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What obligations can you combine?

• loan / cash loan
• loan / mortgage
• consumer credit
• credit card
• the limit on the savings and checking account
• car loan

Consolidation, however, is worth using with caution.

Consolidation loan in three simple and convenient steps


Use the online cash loan search engine online. Advanced filters will allow you to find a consolidation loan ideally suited to your needs and narrow down the list of loan offers presented by the comparison engine.


Are you looking for a loan with the lowest installment or the lowest amount to pay? The search results sort function gives you the opportunity to compare loans the way you want.

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